Summer 2020:


Spring 2020:


CMEA-SES welcomes new officers to our executive board!  We welcome Dr. David Betancourt to serve as our association's President-Elect starting on June 1st.  Darci Gibson will serve as Treasurer for 2020-2022. She is replacing Stacy Harris who served from 2018-2020. Vanessa Duckworth will serve as Secretary for 2020-2022. She is replacing Brad Van Patton who served from 2018-2020. We would like to thank all our outgoing officers for their dedication and service to our members these past couple of years.



Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all events taking this Spring have been cancelled.

Here is a message from CMEA President John Burn:

CMEA Membership, These last few days have been extremely challenging and difficult for the music education community and the coming days, weeks and months will no doubt be challenging as well, not just for music educators, but quite literally for everybody. It is with a heavy heart that we formally announce the following cancellations:

The inaugural Stand Up 4 Arts Education Advocacy Day, March 24 at the state Capitol in Sacramento has been cancelled. We look forward to using our unified relationship with CDEA (Dance Education), CETA (Theatre Education), and CAEA (Art Education), to put on a wonderful day of student work and advocacy in 2021.

The 2020 CMEA State Band and Orchestra Festival presented by World Projects, March 27 at Soka University in Aliso Viejo has been cancelled. Preparations are underway to hold the 2021 CMEA State Band and Orchestra Festival at Soka University next year.

The 2020 CMEA State Choral Festival presented by World Projects, April 9, 2020, at Sonoma State University has been cancelled. Preparations are underway to hold the 2021 CMEA State Choral Festival at Sonoma State next year.

The 2020 Casting A Wider Net conference, April 18 at the University of San Diego, has been cancelled. Stay tuned for other exciting opportunities to learn how to - and celebrate examples of - "casting a wider net" in music education coming soon.

Both the 2020 State Solo Ensemble Festivals presented by World Projects, Sacramento State, May 1 & 2, and Cal Poly Pomona, May 9, have been cancelled, however, CMEA will move forward with a new Virtual CMEA State Solo Ensemble Festival using video conferencing tools this Spring!

The CMEA Technology Representative, Chad Zullinger, and I will host a webinar on Monday, March 16 at 4pm to help us answer the question, "What now?" A separate email is coming soon with the link to this positive opportunity for us to help each other move forward.

Words cannot express our feelings during these unprecedented times. Be safe, be smart, be empathetic and most of all, keep teaching music to our amazing young people!

John Burn, CMEA President

Fall 2019:


California Music Educators Association (CMEA) Music Supervisors Group Fall Professional Learning Seminar will take place on Thursday, October 10, 2019, and Friday, October 11, 2019, at Stanford University's Bing Concert Hall.  Music Supervisors and interested Teacher-Leaders should plan to attend.


Summer 2019:


CMEA-SES welcomes our newest officer to our executive board.  Emma Joleen will serve as our association's Vice President from 2019-2021.  Previously Emma had served as the CMEA-SES Web-Designer.  She is replacing Ray Llewellyn who served from 2017-2019 as VP.  We would like to thank both of them for their dedication and service to our members.


Tune-Up Festivals

The CMEA-SES "Tune Up" is a new kind of festival that celebrates the process of learning to perform instead of only focusing on the product.  Bring your ensembles with their "works-in-progress" to share where they are at in learning their literature and get valuable feedback from a clinician that will help you in moving your ensemble to the next level.  These festivals are specifically scheduled early in the semester so that your students can benefit from the clinician's suggestions while still refining their performances.

Our most recent Choral "Tune-Up" was held at Bloomington High School on February 13, 2020. We look forward to next year's festival!


Elementary Band Mobile Clinics

We bring the clinic experience to you.  Most elementary band programs lack to budgets to put entire ensembles on a bus and take them to a festival, but that shouldn't keep you from allowing your students to have the experience of learning from an expert clinician.  To learn more about this opportunity available to ALL elementary band teachers in our region (not just members) download this informative PDF.

Elementary Band Mobile Clinics are available by special arrangement from March-May each year.  Some restrictions apply.  Please register at least a month in advance of your desired date.


Solo & Ensemble

Encourage your students to embrace individual musicianship by having them perform solos or in small ensembles.  Solo and Ensemble Festivals occur throughout the state at various times of year.  Students that earn unanimous superiors at a local event earn the privilege of applying to the All-State Solo & Ensemble event held in May each year in both northern and southern California.

At this time CMEA-SES is calling for volunteers to host local Solo & Ensemble events.

Solo & Ensemble Finalists with CMEA state and section leadership.
Solo & Ensemble Finalists with CMEA state and section leadership.